Alta Adventure Ltd
Alta Adventure Ltd is a company arranging adventure holidays in Finnmark. It is our aim, through quality guiding to arrange holiday experiences in the unrivalled nature that surrounds Alta. The company has offices in the Kunnskapspark in the centre of the town, where our leader Stig Erland oversees all activities.

Company manager
Stig is from Langfjord in Alta, and is a qualified engineer; working previously for "Selmer" in various locations around Norway, he then went on to lead Steinsliperiet/ Minera in Alta, a company mining and selling Alta slate. Stig has worked long in company relations and has been a tour arranger for both company representatives and their visitors.

Focus on quality
The aim of the company is to offer visitors, who have but a short time in the area, a chance to experience in trusted hands, the unique nature from their arrival until leaving. The focus is for an arrangement in the wilderness based on first class guiding with people of long experience within their field combined with top quality equipment and working routine.

Alta Adventure are very selective in our choice of guides, Arne and Trine for example are not only experienced guides, they have a wide knowledge of huskies and sledge handling. On skis or snowmobile tours, ice fishing in the mountains or ptarmigan hunting, Ole Siglief and Tore are terrific mountain men of unparalleled humour. John Vegar and Christer can hunt or fish in the mountain, but salmon fishing they excel at, the choice of the right fly or advice on casting technique is always at hand. Arne and Helge are our two veterans, their local expertise and knowledge of the islands around the Alta fjord as unrivalled. And for those arrangements requiring "that little extra" around the dinner table our gourmet chefs Roger and Jon Magne are right at home.

Group sizes
Alta Adventures arrange tours for 3 or 4 persons or more. Participants looking for more social interaction, tours of between 4-9 are recommended. However for all major tours and activities we are able to cater for up to 50 people.

Useful tips
• Arrive with clothing suitable to the conditions.
• Warm underwear and woollen socks are recommended.
• The availability of a small rucksack is advisable.
• Alta Adventure will supply appropriate dress for driving snowmobiles etc.
• We undertake to give instruction in dog sledging and snowmobile driving etc.
• Pre heated tents or mountain cabins are used for overnight stays.

To achieve an adventure tailor made to your requirements, it is our wish you contact us for a price quote. For some people it is the nature that is the foremost, for others a culinary experience or a responsibly arranged tour, but for the majority the cost is also important. Your personal requirements are paramount in our arrangement planning, so please feel free to convey to us your wishes for a perfect tour.